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Steve and Connie's Blog

God has opened up a new field for us!

Our trip to Sri Lanka was an answer to prayer as God showed us that this is a place where we can minister for years to come. God used us to encourage the people of Sri Lanka and he used them to encourage us! Pastor Bernard (interpreting for Connie) is an amazing man with an amazing family. Our hearts were knit together as we dreamed together about future ministry. We were overwhelmed with the answers to prayer we saw. Thank you for enabling us to go and serve God in this beautiful country.

Answered Prayer:
New friendships were forged
God gave us strength & health
The Spirit empowered our teaching
We fell in love with the people of Sri Lanka
God opened the door for many future trips in the years to come.

We are headed to Sri Lanka

Our first trip to Sri Lanka - To equip Pastors, Leaders & Wives
Connie and I will invest our March in this nation of over 20 million people. Only about 1.3% Bible Believing Christians. We will be training Pastors and Lay leaders equipping them to continue the work of making disciples!
We are praying that this will turn into a long-term ministry site for us to develop a 3 year curriculum for the Pastors, leaders, and their families.

For understanding of the culture and challenges of the Pastors & wives
For physical strength (hot and muggy)
For us to be filled with the Spirit as we teach
That God will knit our hearts together with his people

January was COLD, but blessed in Nepal!

From Connie
Steve and I just returned from an amazing, God-blessed trip to Nepal. This was the first time in a year that I have traveled with Steve internationally, and I loved being by his side, partnering in ministry.
We did two Pastors, Leaders and Wives conferences where I met with the pastors wives at one of them for two days of teaching and encouraging, and at the other I taught a session to the whole group on Biblical counseling how God has given us the resources through the Word and the Holy Spirit to help one another through the difficult times of life. Amazingly they want me to come back and do more.
Steve also taught a course on how to interpret and teach the Bible at a Bible School in Hetauda. I loved participating in the course and assisting Steve, and we both fell in love with the students, 19-24 year olds.
I saw Gods hand in so many ways during this trip. He gives us both the ability to travel well, enjoy different cultures, adjust to time differences quickly, sleep and love the food. We met some wonderful people who love the Lord, serve Him whole-heartedly and are hungry to be better equipped. I look forward to going back.

From Steve
I don’t know if you had a chance to pray for us, but God specifically and dramatically answered all our prayer requests! The response to our teaching was amazing and God gave us both strength in an arduous schedule. It was awesome having Connie with me!

Building God's Kingdom in Nepal

Hey, Connie and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you who support us on a monthly basis! Thank you who sent special one time gifts in. Your support allowed me to teach pastors and leaders in 5 different nations in 2016.

Thanks also for your prayer and your interest! We are so blessed to know that so many of you are standing with us as prayer partners. God bless and we pray that you have a great 2017!

We are headed to Nepal
Tonight at 12:05 am (actually tomorrow), we are taking off for Hong Kong and Nepal. Here are some prayer requests:
That God will use our one day in China to make contact with our friends to see how they are doing and if there is any possibility for resuming our ministry in China
That God will give Connie and me clarity in our teaching. We are teaching Pastors how to study and teach God’s Word; Apologetics; Theology, and Connie will be teaching the women on being a Pastor’s Wife.
For God’s mercy and grace regarding our health and safety.
That the church in Nepal would be encouraged by our visit.
Well that’s all for now. We will be home in February and April (March is Sri Lanka) so if you would like us to do a workshop for your small group or church in either parenting, disicpleship, or marriage. Let us know. We can travel anywhere in the US.

You are making a difference - thanks!


I just returned home from Ethiopia. It was an amazing trip. Let me share some highlights with you.

First, Gods protection was amazing. Despite a state department warning to cancel all non-essential travel to Ethiopia, we were able to do the ministry without interference or fear.

Second, God gave me great relationships with the Pastors. The increasing trust led to some amazing, deep conversations!

Third, the subject of hermeneutics (correctly interpreting Gods Word) was important for the Pastors. There is a lot of false teaching and this gave them tools to discern the truth from error.

Fourth, in the evening, God gave me the opportunity to give deeper encouragement to local churches.

After 40 hours of teaching and 3 sermons in 10 days, I came home exhausted but blessed that God has chosen to use me in this way!


This has been a difficult season as Connie and I have been separated for the duration of all of these trips. We definitely prefer doing ministry together, but God has had different ideas for 2016. However, while Ive been gone, God has been using Connie in the lives of women as her counseling ministry has been fruitful in the lives of women all through the US! (Both locally and around the country)

2016 has been an expensive year for us as the travel expenses have increased over $12,000 when compared with previous years. Many of you have responded with special gifts that have really helped and I want to say, Thanks!
What’s Ahead for 2017?
We have two primary goals for 2017.

First, I want to choose ministries where Connie and I can serve together. I am so much more effective when she is serving next to me!

Second, we want to serve where we can implement a master plan for training that will extend over several years. I’ve found that returning to the same location, working with the same people is so much more effective.

In January, we are planning to be in Nepal together, where I will be training Pastors, and Connie will be working with the women. I’m very excited about the potential of this trip.