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Marriage Workshops

Steve and Connie have been married for 40 years and have learned how to make a marriage intimate and joyful, even in difficult times.

They bring over 30 years' experience counseling individuals and couples through marriage difficulties and have helped countless couples relight the fire of love in their relationship.

Steve and Connie have poured their personal relationship, the experience they've gained in counseling and most of all the wisdom from God's Word to put together a Marriage Workshop designed to help you take the next steps towards intimacy with your spouse or future spouse.

The Marriage Workshop experience starts with an Inventory from PREPARE-ENRICH. As you take this inventory, it will help you identify areas of strength as well as growth areas in your marriage. You will receive a snapshot of your marriage. This is a great objective tool to help you see where you are and what next steps you can take to strengthen your marriage relationship.

During the workshop, we will focus on the skills of communication and listening. These skills are awesome to help you break destructive patterns and take positive steps in your marriage.

Generally speaking, the Workshop Runs 7:00-9:30 on Friday night and then Saturday morning 8:00-11:30. If you have a small group (or would like to put one together) we can adjust the times to fit the schedule of your group.

Connie and I have taken this on as a ministry and so there is no charge for the Workshop. We are trusting God to meet our needs through friends and partners who have chosen to support us. The only charge for the seminar is $35 which is paid online for the PREPARE-ENRICH INVENTORY.

There are no Marriage Workshops scheduled at this time. Steve and Connie are in the process of putting together a schedule.

Interested in putting together a group?
Interested in finding out how you can host one of these at your church?

E-mail Steve and Connie at steve@steveandconnielarson.com