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Parenting Workshops

Steve and Connie Larson have a passion. It is to help you raise your children to be gracious warriors. The idea of a gracious warrior is someone who can know, live, graciously defend, and share their faith in a hostile environment. After bringing up 3 kids to love and follow Christ and marry spouses who love and follow Christ, they want to help others navigate the challenges of parenting. They bring over 30 years' experience counseling and training families to experience unity and love all centered on a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Parenting Workshop is a practical workshop designed to help you get on the same page as husband and wife so that you can present a unified leadership team to your children. The workshop will also help you to understand and anticipate the 5 stages of parenting. Finally, it will help you develop skills to speak to, listen to, and respond to your kids.

The Parenting Workshop experience starts with an Inventory from PREPARE-ENRICH. This inventory is designed to help spot any areas of disagreement in your parenting as well as to help you see strengths and areas of growth in your approach to parenting.

Generally speaking, the Workshop Runs 7:00-9:30 on Friday night and then Saturday morning 8:00-11:30. If you have a small group (or would like to put one together) we can adjust the times to fit the schedule of your group.

Connie and I have taken this on as a ministry and so there is no charge for the Workshop. We are trusting God to meet our needs through friends and partners who have chosen to support us. The only charge for the seminar is $35 which is paid online for the PREPARE-ENRICH INVENTORY. There are no Parenting Workshops scheduled at this time. Steve and Connie are in the process of putting together a schedule.

Interested in putting together a group?
Interested in finding out how you can host one of these at your church?

E-mail Steve and Connie at steve@steveandconnielarson.com